Elizabeth Hand-Fry brings over 25 years of landscape design and construction experience to her work. She is committed to designing livable environments, producing innovative design expressions, achieving client goals and is a strong proponent of sustainable design initiatives which enable her clients to become active participants in conserving earth’s natural resources. Her design, production, construction and nursery experience enable her to successfully implement projects from beginning to end, while solving technical issues and responding to clients’ budgetary needs.

Elizabeth has coordinated various disciplines and has supervised the design and construction of high-end residential properties, urban parks and plazas, commercial projects, housing for the homeless and recreational facilities all of which focus on aspects of outdoor living. She has worked on a range of projects in these areas for notable landscape architecture firms, a distinguished pool construction company, and a nationally known nursery creating exhibits for the Rockefeller Center Garden Shows.

In the public sector, she spent several years working with the New York City Parks Department designing parks and playgrounds, and became familiar with the city governmental processes; she was responsible for more than $30 million in construction budgets. She represented the Department of Parks on issues relating to capital design, city and state agencies, Community Boards, the Arts Commission and the Landmarks Commission, including projects in the Central Park and New York City zoos.