B and T M / Greenwich, CT.

When we first met Liz Hand-Fry, all we wanted to do was create a small pond in our back garden. Now twelve years later, we walk our property and see Liz’s fine hand everywhere, from the original pond that has now doubled in size to the beautiful paver driveway, which goes perfectly with our 1930’s French Norman house. Working with Liz over the years has been a real pleasure. Her keen eye and sense of design have more than exceeded our expectations, and the execution of the work performed has always been of the highest standard. Quiet ponds, a woodland hillside, meandering pathways, an enhanced poolside landscape are just a sampling of the magic Liz has worked on our property. Landscaping is an ever changing, evolving process, and we feel very fortunate to have Liz Hand-Fry guiding us along the way.


SY / Stockbridge, MA

As amateur gardeners, all of us have great visions of how we want our gardens to look. Liz Hand-Fry has that special talent and gentle humor to pull us back to reality when we get carried away. She listens, understands, and then effortlessly makes all our dreams come true.


JP / New York City

Working with Liz Hand-Fry has been an ideal experience. AT the onset I told her that due to my schedule, I wanted her to oversee all of the subcontractors, and if there was problem, she would be accountable. Liz agreed, and then performed. My finished product is truly a work of art, one which was not only designed by Liz, but also managed and delivered by her, too. Liz is not only a talented landscape designer; she is an excellent project manager and knows her stuff! As Liz knows, my property is open to her clients if they need to put a picture with my words. Liz is always welcome!


EL / Bedford, NY

We have worked with Liz for a number of years on various projects to improve the esthetic and functional quality of the property surrounding our home in Bedford. We started with an overall plan that Liz created and have been implementing against that plan on a phase by phase basis. Liz has served as the “prime contractor” for each step of the way, and the work has been varied- including general landscaping, creation of gardens, fencing, masonry, lighting,etc.
We have found Liz to be well skilled at her craft, practical and honest as the day is long. She delivers what she promises-on time and on budget. The finished product has always been terrific, and she is a person with whom it is fun to work.


PG / Scarsdale, NY

Working with Liz Hand-Fry was a delight for both my wife and I. She was patient with us, understood our desires and guided us in the right direction. The result was a beautiful project that continues to delight us every day. She has a wonderful command of her palette of plant material, mixing textures, colors and shapes in a way that is unique. We walk out the door every day looking for some new bloom; some new dash of color, and are never disappointed.


PS / Westport, CT.

When we bought our house it needed much help. Liz single handedly saved our house from monotony. She designed the beautiful hardscape and landscape, our spa and pool, adjusted our decking and made suggestions to improve the front of our home. The result was a stunning, elegant oasis that we have enjoyed for 10 years. Liz possesses the ultimate in vision yet is practical. I have found her a pleasure to work with and have recommended her to a multitude of friends. Her work continues to draw me in and create a peace we all crave today.


EK / Scarsdale, NY

We have engaged Liz on three different projects which ranged from fieldstone walls to garden design to major alteration of the topography. We keep coming back because she listens to our needs, gives honest feedback regarding what is practical and executes flawlessly and with style.